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Подробная информация для 'Type 99 + Bipod Crouching'
Type 99 + Bipod Crouching

Описание оружия

The Type 99 Light Machine Gun was a light machine gun produced by Japan during the Second World War. It entered service in 1939.

Because Japan had adopted the 7.7 mm Type 99 Rifle an accompanying 7.7 mm light machine gun was also developed. The Type 99 was the basically same design as the Type 96 light machine gun, but the Type 99 dispensed with the oiler and had better primary extraction. Early models had a mono-pod at the stock and a flash-hider at the muzzle which was screwed onto a threaded portion of the barrel. Like the Type 96, most were issued with a 2.5 power optical sight. These were often issued to the best marksmen of the unit and occasionally employed like a sniper rifle. It also served as a light anti-aircraft gun occasionally during the war. The gun shares the shape of the British Bren gun and the Czech ZB26, however, internally it is quite different from both.

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В игре название оружия: type99_lmg_bipod_crouch_mp http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Type_99_Light_Ma...  

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